Ok, well today I’ve decided to write this short blog post to help newbies understand how easy it is to get their very first blog or website up and running in only a few short steps.

In the past, having your very own website would take a decent amount of knowledge in HTML and a certain amount of patience. I now this because I’ve taken the long route of learning HTML coding and I’ve setup a few websites for friends and clients.

But today I want to come out and tell you that owning a static website is where you have an about page, a contact page and some information about your company and it’s products is the equivalent of the dinosaur era.

1. They are practically extinct in the way that no one creates those types of websites anymore.

2. They are rarely updated, making the information on them very inaccurate and un-helpful.

The latest trend is in blogging, which is by definition of having a website that can be easily and quickly updated, sometimes even from a smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android Phone, etc…)

This website that you are currently reading from is a blog, where I regularly post some of my thoughts or ideas and even helpful guides like this one.

Why is a blog so much better than a static website?

Well, here’s a short list I came up with that should help you understand why blogging is better than having a simple website with maybe 4 - 10 pages.

Website vs. Blogging

A website will usually have only a very limited amount of page, where the owner’s may use it to showcase their products or services. Then there will be an About page, a Contact Us page and maybe some other articles or photo gallery for the visitors to browse and learn more about the business.

Not bad, but there is so much more a website can be used for then simply being a static information package on a network that people go on regularly to learn new things or simply browse to entertain themselves.

A blog on the other hand is an organic website with regular updates, keeping the readers engaged and coming back for more of the latest information. Reader can usually subscribe to a blog and receive emails when a new blog post has been created and attracting it’s readers to come back again and again.

Most people can’t see the difference when visiting a blog or a website, but the advantage of the blog is that if it’s updated regularly by it’s owner, it becomes a library of information. Search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo crave for these type of sites, it is what makes them so useful in the first place.

I could go on and on about the difference between the two types of internet real estate but I want to get back to the part where I can help you get started with your own blog today.

Getting your first blog up and running.

The Long Version : Where you do everything yourself…

- Get a domain name : That’s a website address like www.myonlinebusiness.com- Get a hosting account : This is where your website will reside for people to be able to access it.

- Get a blog theme : This is what your blog will look like, there are millions of different designs.

- Get a developer : Or you have the option to do everything yourself, but will waste a lot of time.

- Get a list of tools you want to add to your blog : Autoresponder, Social Apps, Banners, etc…

I’ve been through this method of getting started and although I did get to learn a lot of the inner workings of a blog. I ended up spending a lot of money and a lot of my time to try to tweak my site to look just right. Some of my blog probably ended up costing me many thousands of dollars in wasted time, and I certainly wouldn’t wish you had to go through the same hurdles I’ve gone through.

The Short Version : Where everything is done for you and you can start blogging in 20 mins from now.

- Get started with the Empower Network and purchase the Viral Blogging Platform.

It’s only $25 per month and you won’t have to waste any time trying to figure out how domain name purchases are made, or how to setup a hosting account, or even testing different blog themes to find out which one works best.

In only a few minutes you could be writing about your experience of starting your first blog and how painless it’s been with the help if the Viral Blogging Platform.

Anyone looking to get started with a blog should start this way, because it will save you hundreds of hours in trying to figure out how the internet works and how to get get a website up and running. 

Sure, there are other blogging platforms out there that are turn-key like the Viral Blogging Platform. Some of them are even free, like Tumblr or Wordpress.org but here’s the catch.

For everyone that you refer to the Viral Blogging Platform you can start earning $25 in residual income for as long as they stay active. So by simply helping one person get started with a blog via the Viral Blogging Platform, your own membership is free as long they are active.

I’d like to know what you think of this, simply use the comment section at the bottom of this post to share your thoughts or ask any questions you may have about blogging.


Article written by : 
Wayne Landry,
Dedicated FatherInternet Leader in the making!

Facebook : www.fb.com/thereal.waynelandry
Twitter : @waynelandry 
Email : waynelandry24@gmail.com

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Every day I get to meet new people, either online or during some trip with my family, who still believe the only way to live life is to do what everybody else is doing. Giving away 40 hours a week to some company in exchange for a pre-determined amount of money referred as a pay check.

Unfortunately, for 99% of the people I meet this is there only option. 
But let’s look at this again, what are the 1% doing differently?

  • Are they doing something so special that “regular” people can’t do?
  • Are they born into money and by default get to live a life of total freedom?
  • Are they geniuses who learned the inner workings of society and are now profiting from it?

The good news is that new Millionaires are created every single day and in most cases it’s not related to any of the 3 suggestions above.

Myself, I’ve been part of the 99% for most of my life.

I was born in a blue collar family, raised to believe that only hard work could ever bring me the financial freedom that everyone dreams of. What my parents didn’t teach me was the importance of planning for this freedom, so I pretty much spent most of my income on things I used to believe would bring me freedom and happiness.

I actually believed that money would always keep coming in and that having the things I wanted was just a matter of time. I mean, I was making 6-figures and my wife was making a very decent income too. By the time I was 26 years old I had a beautiful wife, a 2 years old son, had just purchased a quarter million dollar home and a 2nd baby on the way. Life couldn’t get any better.

Well, let’s forward a few years…

The economy pretty much tanked, my company decided to centralize a lot of their operations and I was finding myself with a pretty decent bonus and farewell package. But I was still out of a job and knew that finding one that would pay as much would not be easy.

At that point, I was left with a few options… look for a new job, or take the time to invest in myself and start my own business. 

What happened next is I started reading a lot, trying to figure out how I would start my own business and find success. This was not easy, especially since I knew I didn’t want to go back to working for someone else and eventually run into the same fate I did before.

After discovering the potential the internet had to produce very large amounts of money, I had to crack the code and start creating a salary I would be happy with. But what I didn’t know is I would fail so many time, because I believed I didn’t have the tools or the knowledge just yet to generate some sales.

I actually spent countless hours learning how to build a website, how to setup shopping carts and bought countless “easy-button” softwares that would send traffic to my website.

None of them worked and I was quickly spending all the money I had left from my generous severance package. I could have simply told myself I would quit and go back job hunting before it was too late.

That’s where I believe each of us have a Very Powerful Asset…

Our inner drive to succeed, to become someone who will not take no for an answer and will simply try again and again until we can feel we are making progress and our actions are not to be wasted. 

Quitting is so easy, going back to a 9-5 job and earning what we believe is a secured income is what a lesser mind would think of itself. Becoming a slave to society by exchanging 40% of our time for a pre-determined amount of money so we can have 2-3 weeks of vacation to enjoy with our families, that is the mindset of the 99%.

Even if you are still in the 99%, but your belief is that you are destined for something greater in life where you have a burning desire to create a life of freedom for yourself and those around you that you love. Then you are much closer to becoming part of the 1% then you already know.

This is where the wealthy are different from everybody else, they have a belief that life as a common worker is not for them, they solely focus on actions that will bring them money and happiness and help people around them to do the same.

The first thing you can do today to change your belief is to start doing something every single day that will move you closer to your goals of living the life you visualize for yourself.

By simply blogging / writing everyday and posting it online I’ve been able to help other people realize how easy it is to leverage the power of many people focusing on the same belief and creating amazing results for themselves and those who want to work with them.

If your interested in learning more about me and how I’ve used the internet to create financial freedom, simply send me a quick email or find me on facebook. 


Article written by : 
Wayne Landry,
Dedicated FatherInternet Leader in the making!

Facebook : www.fb.com/thereal.waynelandry
Twitter : @waynelandry
Email : waynelandry24@gmail.com

If you are serious about your online business, we should connect...

P.S.: Want to move forward quickly? Simply join me and many other leaders in our Prosperity Team. We have regular trainings designed to help you succeed in the next 90 days.

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